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Saturday, October 15, 2011

He's Home

It was a long week waiting for Josh to get home, but he made it at last.  Josh asked us to tell everyone he was arriving home on the 30th cause he wanted some quiet time alone with us.  He was scheduled to actually arrive home on July 27th, but when the missionaries arrived at the airport on July 25th the garbage in the air from the Chile volcano was still busy messing up air travel in Buenos Aires.  He and the other missionaries ended up spending two days waiting in Buenos Aires for the air to clear (but it didn't).  So they traveled by plane to Santiago, Chile; caught another plane to Atlanta, Georgia; caught another plane to Salt Lake City, Utah.  As a result we did not get him home until the 29th.  He was tired and well worn from all the changes in his travels.

For days ahead of arriving at the SLC airport I just kept telling myself I would not yell when I saw him -- HA!!!  What a joke.  The second I saw him peek around the corner at the top of the escalator I yelled, "It's Him!!!"  Everyone in the waiting area turned to see what crazed missionary mother was a yellin'.  Yep, me.  Oh, I just couldn't help it.  I was shaking and crying and just W A I T I N G.  No biggy, all his brothers and father were feeling exactly the same way.  He smiled at his crazed mother, realizing that anything else would just not have been possible from me.

But what did the silly boy do when he saw us?  He disappeared back around the corner out of view.  I wanted to run right up those stairs and grab him, but it was okay.  I knew he was at last back in Utah and it would only be a few more minutes till we could hug him.

I just can't express the joy at being able to once again hug your child, to see them in the flesh, to just be together.  We all missed him soooooooooooooooooo much.  We thank the Lord above for bringing him home safe and sound.

Please enjoy some of the pictures we took.  I've tried to think of more to share, but it's all just to personal and emotional.  Just know, it was all worth it.

What a cute guy I snagged.  Pretty cute kids.
Waiting, waiting ,waiting, cause we're early.

Blonde and blonder excited to show Josh
they are taller than him.

We couldn't be more excited.

Jo and Mom

Yep, we made a sign.  Any minute now.

There he is at the top on the righthand side
of the escalator in the suit and yellow tie.

Halfway down the stairs . . .

At the bottom on . . .

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he's here!

Yes, right into the Momma's arms.  I love that boy. 
He was just a shaking and crying -- so was I.

"Hi, Dad."

Hugging Dad, but no one even thought to grab
the camera and take a picture of them.   
"Wait, you aren't Chris, you're Nate.  My gosh, you got tall."

You're Chris.  I missed ya, bro.

Ben -- you got tall, too.

Matt's a hugger and could hardly wait his turn.

Jo, jump on up. 
OOOOOOOO!  This is fun.

It took a minute, but Jo did remember his big brother.

That's it folks.  The gang's all here again.

Let's just sit together.  We like it that way.

Shoes off on and enjoying the carpet as he unpacks.  Lots of  fun
souvenirs but no many clothes came home from Argentina.   

Watching the unpacking.

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